Spin for Limbs

The Challenge

A not for profit on a minimum budget with a short timeline needed a way to spread the word and allow supporters to sign up for their annual ride event. They had branding and imagery on hand. They needed a pro to put it all together online for them.

The Solution

Taking cues from their poster design, I designed a static website that would easily accommodate the many pieces of their puzzle. In doing so, assets from Mailchip, Sick Kids, and Paypal could be manipulated to sit alongside custom PHP scripts without looking like a patchwork quilt.

No Good Deed Should Go Un-fabuloused

Not-for-profits so often end up with sites that reflect their shoestring budgets. This is a shame, as there are so many ways to get a fabulous website without spending a lot of money. The trick is in using what you have in bold ways to provide impact, framing well-honed content that clearly spells out your message.

Customized Design

We made use of what they already had in order to make something spectacular. Reinventing takes time (and money) and if the wheel isn’t wobbly, why bother?


Understanding their requirements was a big part in being able to suggest the best time and money savers for this project. There are a lot of tools out there. The key is knowing how and when to use them.

In Details We Trust

Building this website meant thinking like a baker. You have a whole pile of ingredients, but only expertise can tell you how to use them best. In this case, trickle-down styling was the way to win the day.

Quick Turnaround

With event day looming, there was a potential for panic. By inspiring my clients with the confidence that their site was in good hands, they were able to focus on what mattered most to them: getting the word out and the funds in.

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