Matthew Sweig

The Challenge

This artist’s love for the absolute minimum conflicted with the whizz-bang that most websites call for. He also needed a way to make managing his galleries as easy as possible. While a CMS would work, they were all way more than he — or his budget — was calling for.

The Solution

Flickr’s API was the key to making this client happy. He already had most of his work residing in Yahoo’s photo manager. All I had to do was reach in and grab it, then frame it appropriately. The resulting solution not only suited the client’s aesthetically, but didn’t change his established habits.

Find the Best Tool for the Job

Just because websites are done in very specific ways doesn’t mean they all need to fit that pattern. Looking at all a client’s assets and established online materials can yield fantastic — if unorthodox — solutions.

Customized Design

When minimalism is on the menu, this doesn’t mean reaching for helvetica and calling it a day. Matthew’s work required no distractions or contrast to shine its brightest, so I gave him just that.


While I used his established Flickr account to run his website, Matthew needed to massage the way he organized it a bit in order for it to work its best. A quick crash course in Yahoo file management and he was on his way.

The Details

The trick here was not letting the complexity get in the way of the solution (or the art, for that matter). I hid all the heavy lifting and the usual webby bits to keep everything, right down to the code, as clean as possible.

Quick Turnaround

Matthew was the ultimate client: he wasn’t in a rush and he was happy to give me the time required to explore this new-fangled way of doing this to his eventual benefit. ¬†Good things come, as they say.

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