Good Food Revolution

The Challenge

Food lovers writing about food that know little about the web had tried going it alone for a while. After years of headscratching, 3 servers, 2 content management systems, and more than enough headaches, they looked to me to clean up.

The Solution

A phased approach was the only thing that was going to keep them writing without significant downtime. First came a temporary facelift, then came the behind-the-scenes consolidation and simplification, and then came the proper content management system. A year later, they were up and running properly.

Scaleable Solutions for Growing Conditions

Swave’s early website suited their needs at outset, but as time went by the realized they would need something that could grow with them. Taking cues from the latest in online design trends, I helped them establish a slick website ¬†with a WordPress back-end that they could easily maintain in-house.

Branded Design

An established presence needs to evolve rather than change abruptly. I helped them identify a number of templates that took cues from what they had and moved them into the future.


Communication is always key, and making sure my clients understood what the steps to their transition where and meant was a big part of making sure they understood how things worked at the end of the project.

In the Details

When working with the tech not-so-savvy, it’s always important to educate without complicating. A content management system was key to success, but all the bits behind the scenes needed to stay clean too.


Taking your time and doing things right is crucial to getting a good website. By taking this project step-by-step, we were able to migrate at an easy pace that kept the users, and my clients, from getting overwhelmed by what was really a pretty big change.

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