Swave Studios

The Challenge

An industrial design startup needed to get online, but with business booming already they really didn’t have the time to figure out how to get there, much less do it with style.

The Solution

I tapped into their vocabulary to help them with a phased approach that would gradually get them established. Starting with a basic static website and evolving to a dynamic CMS driven presence that they could easily manage on their own.

Scaleable Solutions for Growing Conditions

Swave’s early website suited their needs at outset, but as time went by the realized they would need something that could grow with them. Taking cues from the latest in online design trends, I helped them establish a slick website ¬†with a WordPress back-end that they could easily maintain in-house.

Customized Design

We started with a custom design that helped them share their brand and their message.


Communication is always key, and making sure Swave understood the hows and whys behind each recommendation was a big part of our success.

Design Fusion

Swave had a vocabulary that was similar but different to what I was used to. Instead of letting this get in the way, we shared our expertise with fantastic results.

Quick Turnaround

As is often the case, the temporal pressure was on. In order to meet their timelines, I helped Swave identify tools and templates that would get the job done fast.

More Projects

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