Who is Stacey Dowswell?

I do a lot of things: web things, graphic things, computer things, music things, lots of things. Most of these things have been part of my thing for a long while. In 2010, a lot of these things became a steady stream of work. It took a while, but things settled into what they are today: the client-first web consultancy many people seemed to be begging for. Over and over again I heard tales of people desperate to establish a web presence, but intimidated by both the price tag and the jargon. That’s where I was different.

I don’t do high price tags. Not because I don’t want to make money, but because I believe in treating my clients with respect. I’m just one person, and my overhead is therefore quite small. I don’t need to charge big-office prices because, let’s be honest, I don’t have an office.

I also don’t do jargon. I know you don’t know what a shared SSL certificate is and does, and chances are good you don’t need to know. What you want to know is whether or not Facebook is a good fit for your business, or what the easiest way to sell your new line of custom t-shirts might be. I know web stuff, that’s why people hire me. Why would I expect you to know my stuff too?


  • Web Design 75%
  • Web Strategy 90%
  • Print Design 50%
  • Old-fashioned know-how 100%
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